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$0.99 (reg. $1.99)

Large Car Sponge

SKU #539347 | 48 /case


Handy Mini Vac - Mushroom Green

SKU #1996042 | 24 /case

$5.00 (reg. $7.50)

Handy Mini Vac - Mushroom Pink

SKU #1996041 | 24 /case

$5.00 (reg. $7.50)

Super Soft Car Wash Mitt Set

SKU #1944007 | 1-unit case

$18.40 (reg. $20.84)

Crimping Tool & Terminals Set

SKU #1944016 | 4 /case

$5.05 (reg. $5.74)

No Tangle Auto Booster Cables

SKU #1944015 | 1-unit case

$16.10 (reg. $18.27)

Auto Detailing Towel

SKU #1895351 | 72 /case

$1.60 (reg. $1.99)

$1.10 - $1.62/unit

$3.53 - $4.73/unit


Faux Fur Wash Mitt for Car Cleaning

SKU #2283575 | 50 /case


Super Soft Microfiber Auto Wash Mitt

SKU #2282702 | 20 /case

$1.11 - $1.45/unit

Grout Brush In Display

SKU #2279459 | 20 /case


Automotive Power Vacuum with Work Light

SKU #2181995 | 1-unit case

$11.12 - $19.02

Closeout CV Seahorse Air Freshener

SKU #2129028 | 72 /case



$6.75 - $9.85/unit

Reusable Multi-Purpose Auto Wipe

SKU #1982624 | 24 /case

$0.70 - $1.05/unit

Chenille Auto Detailing Mitt

SKU #1944004 | 12 /case

$1.42 - $2.39/unit

$3.24 - $5.24/unit

Super Soft Dashboard Car Duster

SKU #1944013 | 4 /case

$4.10 - $6.14/unit

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