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Latex Gloves,​ Size Large

SKU #349225 | 12 /case


Scrubber Sponge

SKU #1945576 | 96 /case


$4.51 - $7.19/unit

53" Big Angle Broom

SKU #685405 | 24 /case


50" Angle Broom

SKU #685404 | 24 /case


6 pk Seafoam Sponge

SKU #683376 | 72 /case


24" Soft Touch Electrostatic Duster

SKU #683361 | 36 /case


Clean Gleen Microfiber Cloth

SKU #683128 | 24 /case


Deluxe 12 Quart Pail w/​ Spout

SKU #434140 | 24 /case


8 " Wide Squeegee

SKU #370718 | 48 /case


Dust Pan & Broom Set 5 Colors

SKU #357916 | 36 /case


Clip-On Dust Pan

SKU #349256 | 36 /case




Dura Blue Soap Pads

SKU #301806 | 24 /case


6 Piece Cleaning Set

SKU #274025 | 96 /case


Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

SKU #215609 | 24 /case

$0.93 - $1.37/unit

Iron-Shaped Scrub Brush with Handle

SKU #213204 | 24 /case

$0.93 - $1.37/unit

Multi-Colored Scouring Pads

SKU #215617 | 20 /case

$1.02 - $1.55/unit

6.​25" Mini Dust Pan with Broom

SKU #46707 | 24 /case


Iron Handle Scrub Brush

SKU #1988218 | 24 /case

$1.25 (reg. $1.42)

Flexible Glass Scourer

SKU #1989727 | 8 /case

$2.90 (reg. $3.14)

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