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NEW! Big Box™ of Red Pens - 500/case

SKU #2286760 | 500 /case






Big Box™ Blue Pens - 500/case

SKU #2131386 | 500 /case


Big Box™ Black Pens - 500/case

SKU #2131385 | 500 /case



Big Box™ Glue Sticks - 100/case

SKU #2131382 | 100 /case


Big Box™ Pencils - 500/case

SKU #2131381 | 500 /case


$0.69 (reg. $0.88)

$0.85 (reg. $1.12)

Mechanical Pencils - 4 pk

SKU #1301146 | 48 /case

$0.66 (reg. $0.77)

$0.95 (reg. $1.09)

NEW! 23-Piece Kids School Supply Kit

SKU #2316553 | 24 /case

$7.35 - $8.34/unit

NEW! 15-Piece Kids School Supply Kit

SKU #2316552 | 24 /case

$5.65 - $6.25/unit



NEW! Fun Stamper Markers Set

SKU #2316482 | 96 /case

$0.76 - $0.80/unit

NEW! Disney Princess Mini Notebook

SKU #2316476 | 96 /case

$0.92 - $0.98/unit

NEW! Crayola 8-Count Crayons

SKU #2316460 | 48 /case


NEW! Bubble Click-It Pen

SKU #2316058 | 48 /case


Looking for a fantastic selection of back to school and office supplies at discount prices? DollarDays provides bulk school supplies for your churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, charities and for all your fundraising needs. Find everything from notebooks to yellow #2 pencils!

DollarDays is the premier online destination for bulk school supplies including discounted closeout deals on filler paper, folders, dry erase markers and more. Or shop smart with our Big Box supplies featuring bulk items such as pens, pencils, glue sticks and scissors, all the essentials. The Big Box program is ideal for school drives and packing parties. If you are a parent or a teacher, you will also find that DollarDays offers a one stop shop to buy all the school supplies in bulk, including discounted backpacks. For businesses, big or small, we carry all the office supply essentials needed to outfit your work environment. We offer the very best variety of notebooks, pens, paper, pencil sharpeners, folders, teaching resources, supplies and more. Shop our low prices online & save!